Helmut Marko praises Checo Pérez at Red Bull: ‘It was the right decision’

Sergio Perez made history by becoming the first Mexican to take the podium in Formula 1 during the Mexican Grand Prix. (Photo: Antonin Vincent/EFE)

2021 season from Formula 1 Closed in the best way for a team red bull racing. stay in 2nd place builders and take first place From the pilots by Max Verstappen, At the same time, the Mexican sergio Czech Perez He finished his first year with the team. With this closing of the season, Helmut MarkoEx-pilot and current advisor to Red BullAnd I analyzed what happened Praise the Mexican pilot.

Marko’s analysis was based on March Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, a circuit where the competition reached its climax and Verstappen crowned on the last lap with a pass Lewis Hamilton. When the advisor spoke about Sergio, he confirmed that he was racing at the same level as his partner Max. “Checo Pérez has shown that he is incredibly experienced and has led many races to Max’s rhythm; “Because of the weak starting positions that were not put into effect,” he commented.

Helmut stressed that “choosing Chieko was the right decision.”

He also noted that initially the team had to decide between Sergio Perez and Nico Hulkenberg To determine the second runner. In his analysis, Marko said it was very difficult to compare them because they can’t drive the same car, but that doesn’t mean Sergio’s work hasn’t been highlighted in a big way. “He showed that he had a great experienceCounsel reassured regarding Checo.

Checo Pérez finished fourth as the driver of the 2021 Formula 1 season (Photo: NOUSHAD THEKKAYIL/EFE)
Checo Pérez finished fourth as the driver of the 2021 Formula 1 season (Photo: NOUSHAD THEKKAYIL/EFE)

However, he did not go crazy from the praise of the guy from Guadalajara, as he commented on the runner’s improvement points. “Sergio had his ups and downs. Somehow, One of his weaknesses was in the playoffs. When you come out in eighth, ninth and so on, it takes a long time to get into a position to support you the above strategically. I mean, getting into the security car windows and things like that.”

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At the same time, admit Czech As a great coach to accompany and support Verstappen at every opportunity so that the latter can achieve a better position in the race. “in a Abu Dhabi He did a great job and also did a lot to help Max achieve this victory. I remember a similar situation in Turkey, where he also met Hamilton. And where it also cost Louis Relatively long time to spend Perez

It should be noted that despite Sergio Perez’s problems in qualifying, he managed to finish the season as the fourth best driver in Formula 1. Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas. Likewise, he managed to accumulate a total of 190 points In total for all their jobs.

Max Verstappen became one of the youngest champions in Formula 1 when he was just 24 years old.  (Photo: José Méndez/EFE)
Max Verstappen became one of the youngest champions in Formula 1 when he was just 24 years old. (Photo: José Méndez/EFE)

We must also remember that a file The Mexican made history at the Azerbaijan Grand PrixBy taking first place in the race. In the same way, Checo Perez I managed to get to the platform in France, Turkey, the United States and Mexico (The last three in a row, get a good deal of points for climbing the overall table.

In the same way, Tapatio marked an unforgettable season by its presence The first Mexican to reach the Formula 1 podium during the Mexican Grand Prix. In that competition, he placed third in the competition, behind teammate Verstappen and rival Hamilton.

In this way, Helmut joined the list of highly praised characters Czech Perez on his performance in the 2021 season. First it was his partner who rated him as “Legend“For what he did on the track, he was then his team boss and after that he received praise all around.

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