Heat and Tiafoe put it to the test

Serbian Novak Djokovic (1) He suffered with the Americans Frances Tiafu With intense heat, he ended his match with a close score of 6-3, 6-7 (3), 7-6 (2) and 6-3 in the second round of the match. Australian Open.

“It was a very difficult match and the conditions were very harsh and hot when the sun was above them,” said the world number one at the conclusion of the match that lasted more than three and a half hours.

The Serbian gave up a group for the first time in Melbourne Park During his second test, in a match he presented one of his most disfigured versions after committing 37 unintended fouls.

He was also not doing well in the most demanding moments and lost two of the three breaking balls that he had given up to Tiafu, who remained afloat throughout the match supported by the immeasurable support of a large crowd.

Despite the adversity, the Serbian emerged from an uphill battle alive and will continue on his way to what would be his third consecutive title and ninth title in Melbourne Park.

Dominic Tim, at the Australian Open


Tim also won

From his Austrian side Dominic Tim (3) He gave tennis lessons in his win over Germany Dominic Kupfer 6-4, 6-0, 6-2.

The current final candidate, who has left Spain on his way Rafa Nadal (2) In the quarter-finals of the previous edition, he could face the Aussie in the next round Nick Kergius If he defeats the Frenchman in his match Ugo Humbert (29).

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The Austrian did not give his opponent any choice after Kazakhstan Mikhail Kokoshkin He was about to steal the first set on his debut, bid in a match in which he added seven direct servos, 34 winners and 21 easy fouls, as well as preserving all of his service games.

The sweltering heat, more than thirty degrees, did not let the player suffer from the best physical conditions on the track.

The US Open champion warned at his first press conference in Melbourne Park that he was “giving a lot of laps to the final last year”, that he lost to Djokovic, and that he had learned his lesson in this edition.

So far, he kept his word after entering the third round after wrapping up two comfortable matches in three sets.

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