Health and well-being, themes of this event for entrepreneurs

Turion, Coahuila /

The INCmty that it Festival and platform that seeks to enhance the ecosystem of leading businesses From an idea to the development and growth of a startup, this is mentioned on its website, for nine years He has inspired hundreds of people through his performances and activities.

In the upcoming ninth edition of the INCmty Festival, The pinnacle of life and man Will endeavor to create spaces that allow Brainstorming to generate innovative healthcare solutions. The event will be held in digital form from 8-10 November.

The goal is to focus on the purpose of Improving people’s quality of life through practices that promote human prosperity and sustainability. This event will feature various activities such as conferences, panel discussions and side talks with the participation of international personalities such as:

my musk He will talk about the bestsellers “Woman Makes a Plan: Advice for a Life Full of Adventure, Beauty, and Success” Where he shares experiences and some practical advice collected throughout his life.

Joao Bocas, platicará en el hearth chat “future wearable technology” con David Albert On the impact of new technologies on improving health in general and how entrepreneurs are the key to making them accessible to all.

Maria Jose Contreras His conference will share some proposals for the entrepreneur community to join the revitalization of the Mexican economy.

• In Team, “Impacts of Diversity and Inclusion in Organizational Culture and Education,” Bob Lopez, Sonia Garza, and Dr. Ines SainzThey will explore the benefits of diversity and inclusion for businesses and how they can improve society in general.

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Today more than ever Taking care of health and improving people’s quality of life is imperative for the whole society. For this, it is important to bring together the leaders of this sector through the Summit of Life and Human Being so that they share their vision and promote the development of institutions that have health as one of its core values,” he commented. Josué Delgado, Director of INCmty.

This will be the final focus of the ninth edition of this famous event, where More than 16,000 participants will gather to exchange experiences, ideas and recommendations in more than 200 activities in a virtual format which seeks to improve the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem in the region.

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