David Beckham signs 175 million contract with Qatar and unleashes criticism on social networks

David Beckham is one footballer who has remained in the media spotlight after retiring from professional football. The former English player, the current head of Miami Interon the stratospheric agreement 175 million euros To become an ambassador for the Qatar 2022 World Cup. The contract includes promoting tourism and culture in the country over the next ten years. In this way, the Briton joins a long list of well-known faces who will promote the tournament, such as Xavi, Eto’o, Kafue or Ronald de Boer, among other things.

After it became official, networks exploded against Beckham’s decision and many users criticized his decision, as the state constantly violates the human rights of various groups. Peter TatchellA well-known British activist told the Daily Mail: What is that Really disappointing I hope he thinks about it again because he made a big mistake.”

After this data, many representatives Qatari government They came out in defense of the former player and asserted that “by signing David, the hope is that more Westerners will dare to see beautiful beaches, Vast expanses of sand dunes and magnificent skyscrapers.”

However, the British, aware of the repercussions of his actions, demanded before signing the contract Make it possible to display the rainbow flag (Homosexuality is illegal in Qatar) and Make sure the fans are safe. You are now struggling to achieve Presence of women in stadiums.

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The truth is that next year’s World Cup will be like that Controversial How do the new. First, because it will be the first time that the competition will be held in Islamic country The second, because it will happen in an unusual season: winter. In 2010, after he was commissioned to host the World Cup, the first rumors of corruption emerged due to the strange mission that had been carried out and is still being investigated today.

With this new contract, David Beckham will take over 17.5 million euros over ten years, cementing him as one of the most influential faces of this decade.

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