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Survive and Progress. It is the motto in tournaments to kill or be killed. There are no bonus points for beautifully winning or taken away in order to win the question for time, as happened to Heads Before Brown, Who won double figures when Patrick Mahomes lost through injury and advanced to the AFC Final by winning only 22-17, and sealed the ticket by switching to fourth in his field with less than two minutes to play, with Chad Henny.

But let’s go in parts. The match was closer and scored less than expected (KC’s favorite was 10 all week, 8 before kick-off), but more missed chances than anything else. The Chiefs had not shown rust from not playing since Week 16 with the start, and he scored in all four of his offenses in the first half, even though two goals were field goals, and Kicker Potker missed an extra point.

But it is also true that they had some luck to go to the 19-3 break-up, as Richard Higgins fired the ball before reaching the finish area, which would have been cut to 16-10.

Chiefs vs. Brown

After finishing first in the US Conference, with 14 wins in a regular 17 weeks, Kansas City chiefs ditched the NFL Wildcards Tour and went straight to the Divisions Tour. Of course, the Chiefs were attentive to the games, because it is one of the keys that their opponent would take out to fight on their way to the Super Bowl Finals.

In fact, the Cleveland Browns are the upcoming contenders to the former Super Bowl heroes. That’s after beating Pittsburgh Steelers’ favorite 48-37 in an amazing way.

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In this way, Patrick Mahomes’ team will face the Cleveland Browns. A duel between the first in the American Conference and the sixth seed in the league.

Chiefs vs Browns: Game Tables and Channels

Mexico – 2:05 PM / TUDN – ESPN Deportes

United States (ET): 3:05 PM – CBS – ESPN Sports

Peru – 3:05 pm – ESPN – FOX Sports

Colombia – 3:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Ecuador – 3:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Bolivia – 4:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Venezuela – 4:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Argentina – 5:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Chile – 5:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Paraguay – 5015 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Uruguay – 5:05 PM – ESPN – FOX Sports

Spain – 9:05 pm. Movistar +

And although presidents are the broad favorites, they should take precautions and not underestimate Brown, as they may suffer the same outcome as the Steelers. Of course, the responsibility to go not just to the convention final, but to the Super Bowl rests with Patrick Mahomes and his associates.

However, not only will the cameras watch for midfielder Mahomes, but also Karim Hunt, who will face his former team. The current Brown player is a concern of coach Andy Reed.

“I love Karim. I’m glad things are going well for you. He knows a lot of men who have been (in bosses) last year and he probably felt bad for not being a part of it all. Above all, I’m happy for him. That matters. Going in the right direction for him, “stressed” the coach. “

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