He admits to “image laundering” in sports purchasing

Just a month ago, as the transfer window came to a close, we analyzed how to do just that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia It is gradually “Buy” sports: Football, Formula 1, motorcycles, golf… and I mention tennis.

The country, on issues of equality and respect for human rights, worth the last century, invests huge sums of money in various sports to put itself in the forefront… and thus wash its image.

We are not saying that, the Prince of Saudi Arabia stated it explicitly and without any kind of half measures, Mohammed bin Salman.

“If washing photos increases GDP by 1%, Then I will continue to do photo washesHe admitted this in an interview with Fox News.

Does it refer to something specific? In addition to what is presented to the general public, Amnesty International It has already given Saudi Arabia an “awakening” for its actions as the owner Newcastle.

The third collection of “Huraka” pays tribute to Colors of the country’s flag The Arabic language will be used by the Saudi national team in two friendly matches that will be held at St. James Park, Newcastle’s stadium.

a Completely whiten the image In the eyes of the United Kingdom, Mohammed bin Salman does not care as long as he puts the country on the map and gets an economic return.

“I don’t care what they call it. If I have 1% growth from sports, I’ll look for 1.5%. Call it what you want, but I’ll want 1.5%.“Added the prince whose dream is shelter World Cup 2034 Just like your neighbor did taste With the year 2022. As we mentioned at the beginning of the text, This is just the beginning.

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