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The film, also with Emma Thompson, tells how young non-conformist Estella ended up becoming the iconic villain of “101 Dalmatians.”

Cruella He came to the cinemas already Disney +, by Premium Access, on May 28. Subsequently, the film starring Oscar-winners Emma Stone and Emma Thompson won the admiration of millions of viewers around the world, and became One of the great premieres of the year. If you haven’t seen it on the big screen, now you have the chance Watch the movie on the streaming service.

As with other corporate addresses, such as Mulan And Raya and the last dragonAnd Cruella Available on Disney+ just three months after its launch. This means that everything Participants The platform who want to see the film directed by Craig Gillespie (Yo Tonya) He can do that now.

This has been a success Cruella In cinemas, which Disney decided to start developing that it part two. And while there are still few details known about this continuity, we learned a few days ago that Emma Stone’s return as the protagonist is guaranteed.

‘Cruella 2’: Emma Stone will return as the lead in the sequel

Cruella It tells the story of a young, non-conformist con artist named Estella (Stone) who is on her way to becoming a famous fashion designer in the midst of the London punk revolution of the 1970s. Baroness Von Hellmann (Thompson), a true fashion legend, watch Great potential in Estella when you meet her. The relationship between the two will reveal a series of secrets and tragic revelations that will bring out the most perverted side of the young woman. Thus, Pastilla ends up becoming the Cruella we all know.

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Why see Cruella on Disney+

Cruella de Vil is one of the most famous Disney villains and is also one of the most loved villains by viewers. Thanks to this movie about its origins, we knew More human side As well as understanding more about the character 101 dalmatians. For example, we find out about dreams he had when he was young or how he joined forces with Jasper (Joel Fry) and Horace (Paul Walter Hauser).

Winks at ‘101 Dalmatians’, premiere date with meaning and 8 other curiosities for ‘Cruella’

But the plot is not the only thing that caught the attention of viewers; Fashion has been very present in the movie ever since Estella’s personal transformation into Cruella progresses, as does her wardrobe. More and more ground-breaking and eye-catching projects. Dream dresses, accompanied by a magnificent stage, have an incredible effect. Add to this the scene of London in the seventies, which is not lacking in details. At that time, punk was a reality on the streets of the British capital and young Estella’s style reflected that perfectly.

For the full duration we can listen to groups and soloists like Florence and the Machine, Blondie, John McCrea, Iggy Pop, The Clash or Queen. Most have in common the pioneers of punk – the movement that developed in the late 1960s in the UK and developed through the 1970s – or were among their influences. sure, Pop rock explosion of the 70s With more traditional pop sounds and current music, which accompanies the plot and costumes to tell Cruella’s origins.

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Fashion, music, setting and plot fit in with a Flawless puzzle to please the public. So if you haven’t seen yet CruellaBecome a Disney+ fan with this great mix. And if you are one of those who have already seen the film directed by Gillespie, you can always relive his most exciting scenes.

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