Have fungi been discovered on Mars?

The expedition to Mars continues its course and is showing some interesting results thanks Rover Determination. For example, it is The discovery of mushrooms of Mars – or something like that – much like the ones on Earth.

An article published by scientists of different nationalities explains the origin of some of the organisms that appear in the images captured on the soil of Mars, which look very similar to terrestrial fungi. These pseudo-fungi have spherical shapes, and to scientists it is still intriguing that some of them have reappeared long after they were destroyed by the wheels of the rover..

“Fungi can grow without problems Intense radiation environmentsDetails of the investigation. According to the analysis of the images, it is very possible that “these Martian fungi are emerging from Earth and increasing in size.”

The article also explains that what appears to be fungal bacteria have been found in the vehicles exploring the planet. Although these similarities with their relatives on Earth do not indicate evidence of life, “the movement and changes in shape and position constitute a type of behavior and reaffirm the hypothesis that there is life on Mars.”

Scientists concluded that some terrestrial organisms could live in conditions like those of the Red Planet: “Given the possibility that Earth was cultivating life on Mars, it would be very surprising that there was no life on Mars.”

This happens while the Persevering Rover is in progress Explore the planet The images have been sent to Earth since February 2021. One of the spacecraft’s goals is to investigate the microbiology of Mars, so discoveries such as the latest are expected to be repeated in the future.

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But are they really mushrooms?

“The claim that the fungus is spreading all over Mars is an extraordinary claim that requires better evidence than the analysis of photographic morphology by a well-known geek who claimed, based on the same kind of analysis, that he saw skull fields on Mars,” says Paul Myers, an evolutionary biologist at the University of Minnesota.

“Can fungi survive these conditions? Maybe, but evidence for this is scarce.”

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