Harry could return to the UK sooner than expected (and with Meghan)

Kensington Palace plans Another tribute to Diana, Princess of Wales. The intent is to take place in September and to be more diverse and crowded than it was received last Thursday, July 1, when the statue in his honor was discovered in Sunken Garden, in the presence of his two children.

The fact that Harry flew from America to the Kingdom yoLive for this event held in a discounted fashion to maintain health security in the face of the pandemic (although initially up to 100 guests were supposed to attend), it caused high expectations. The visit of the youngest son of Prince Charles was taking place amid family tensions and The distance between him and his brother, Prince William.

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All the real fans have been waiting for The occasion helped both of them get closer to situations They smoothed out the rough edges, but according to sources close to the family, although the two brothers kept calm in public, exchanging smiles and communicating with each other, the truth was that there was no opportunity to have a private conversation. arise to address the problem between them.

Guillermo and Harry discover a statue of Diana. (PA)

“Today, in what could have been Our mother’s sixtieth birthday, We remember her love, strength, and character, qualities that made her a force for good around the world, transforming countless lives for the better. Every day, we wish you would stay with us, and we hope that this statue will forever be seen as a symbol of her life and legacy. Thank you to Ian Rank Broadley, Babe Morrison and their teams for their excellent work, to the friends and donors who helped make this happen, and to everyone who keeps the memory of our Mother alive around the world.” Carlos England.

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After the Kensington event, Harry returned to Frogmore Cottage, where he was staying, before soon heading to the airport.

with his career, All hopes of reconciliation faded again. With an ocean in between, the possibility of seeing Meghan Markle’s husband back in his home country seemed very remote, and even more so when she began a new life in the States far from the royal home and where she appears to be. Very happy with his wife and children. But with the information that Sunday, July 4th, has come to light and this indicates new plans at the palace to honor Lady Dee in September, a new opportunity for Harry to get closer to his family, is reborn sooner than everyone expected. .

The Sussexes with their son Archie. (EFE)

Palacio sources tell media like the Daily Mail or The Sun that Harry could attend. Not just this. Possibly, this time yes, I will Accompanied by his wife Meghan Markle.

Despite the fact that there was no shortage of immediate relatives of the deceased princess, the opening of the statue meant Absentee date. It was hoped that the tribute would serve to reunite William and Harry’s family for the first time. it can not be. A few days before the tribute, it was confirmed Nee Megan Ne Archie will be traveling for this date, clarifying that the former actress was a mother recently. Then came the confirmation that his sister-in-law, Kate Middleton, would not be attending either.

Although Meghan’s motherhood was the excuse, many royal experts thought so Avoid embarrassing confrontation With her husband’s family after Controversial statements What he’s done about the royal family in recent weeks.

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Meghan Markle. (GT)

In September, it will be three months from then Little Lillipet is born. Chances are Meghan will travel with Harry, but we’ll have to wait and see if the conditions are finally met to do so.

A source told ‘The Sun’ that given the impossibility of a closeness between Harry and Guillermo last Thursday, September looms as the perfect time to have a deep conversation between them. “It’s a scheduled date for a more extensive celebration of the statue, and Harry will want to come back.”

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