COSCYT Shares Online Activities During a Pandemic

The Southern California Council on Science and Technology (COSCYT) Share through a statement Various activities What did they do during the first semester? In online mode, due to the circumstances that caused it The Covid-19 pandemic.

Around kosket, specify in his statement that the utilization of technologies A series of 4 different activities were carried out Throughout the semester, it is broadcast live Facebook Liveand protection The safety of students, academics, the general public, and other COSCYT employees.

Among the successfully implemented activities, the following stand out: “Ready, ready, aware”, space that specialists, in 15 minutes go up A scientific topic that is attractive to the general public, which initially began with teaching Thursday runs through TuesdaySo far, the space said 33 events with 9 thousand visits.

another one of them, “Virtual Science” Where 54 courses were held, where they were presented Tools for participants in science, technology and innovation With the aim of enabling middle and high school teachers to apply it to the student community, This earned a total of 2,000 487 records.

From woman to science whose goal was to encourage scientific careers and enhance the continuity of academic training in high school and high school students by presenting the life stories of researchers in Southern California, so far, there have been 10 presentations with 2,553 visits.

Finally, the “talks”Through 8 events and more than 1925 visits, the activities were used with the participation of 3 specialists From the academic, public and social sectors To address issues of social concern in general.

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