Hardworking Prince Harry to visit UK in November

Prince Harry may be closer to the UK than he appears. After going to his home country twice in 2021, The Duke of Sussex may return this year To score one of his great projects with Netflix: the Invictus Games Documentary.

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According to a source close to the newspaper express, Prince Harry will return home with a camera crew to shoot at a military base next November. “We understand that the Duke of Sussex will be accompanied by a small recording team so that the public can see the serious work that goes into planning these games.”

Visit to the UK with Prince Harry Shows that he is fully committed to his new professional projects on Netflix. So much so that he’s ready to go home to record everything he needs.

Harry William

Princes Harry and William present the statue in honor of their mother, Diana Wells


A stay in the UK during which the Duke of Sussex can, in addition, have a private meeting with Queen Elizabeth II, but it is not clear if he will have time to see the rest of his family. a) yes, Prince Harry returns to plantar once again to the Royal family, with whom he maintains a tense relationship since his departure for the United States and has only been seen on two public occasions.

Prince Harry deals the final blow to Elizabeth II: he will publish his autobiography in 2022

Prince Harry deals the final blow to Elizabeth II: he will publish his autobiography in 2022


Since I left for California first and then to the United States, Prince Harry has only visited the UK twice. The first was last April, when he had to travel to the country urgently to be present at the last farewell to his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh. A few months later, in July, he attended a party in honor of his mother, Mrs. D. Some rooms in which, yes, it was not at all apparent that he had time in private to quell bad vibes with the rest of his family.

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