Hamilton’s promise to Mercedes next season raises doubts throughout F1

Lewis Hamilton He is unhappy with the current season he has been in as he is sixth overall for drivers with 198 points. The Briton has come a long way from number one and has never been very good at being far from victory. “What I took away from Austin is we had a good rhythm, I’m still here I know when they build the new car I’ll take it to the top. We just have to keep working. I would like to thank my team. Everyone at the factory is working hard and it has been a very difficult year for everyone.”

In addition, he is also self-critical and analyzes the possible changes he can make: “We came here with improvements, and they worked hard to achieve Those updates And they had a real impact, so we were closer in the States. I am very proud of everyone. I’m sorry I couldn’t win, but I gave it my all. We were ahead and I could see Max closing in a second, but I couldn’t respond. It’s about 10 km/h faster than us on the strait. And in the end, our rearview mirrors vibrate so much that you can’t see where you are, so it’s hard to defend yourself.“.

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