Cellnex sells 1,100 phone towers in the UK to meet regulator’s requirements

cell towers group selnex It has reached an agreement to transfer a packet from about 1,100 locations in the UK to Wireless Infrastructure Group (WIG).

in a permit On Monday, the telecommunications company clarified that the agreement, whose financial details were not disclosed, is part of closing the deal with CK Hutchison in the UK, in accordance with final commitments accepted by the UK Markets and Competition Authority (CMA, for its English acronym).

Two years ago Cellnex announces agreement with CK Hutchison GroupHeadquartered in Hong Kong, as it acquired 24,600 telecom towers and sites in Europe for €10,000 million; Of these sites, 6000 were in the UK.

Britain’s competition watchdog has made the sale of at least 1,000 towers to Cellnex in the UK a condition of approval of the acquisition plans.

The deal with WIG is expected to expire before the end of the year, while the deal with CK Hutchison in the UK is expected to close in mid-November.

Cellnex Executive Vice President Alex Mistry explained that the divestment agreement reached with WIG allows them to face the eventual closing of the operation with CK Hutchison in the UK.

Cellnex operates a portfolio of more than 138,000 locations (including planned deployments through 2030), in Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, Sweden and Poland.

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