Halo Infinite disc does not include the full game

infinite aura The address that will be available will be on the first day Xbox Game PassHowever, there will also be many users who are willing to buy a physical copy with everything and cool Steelbook. If you also plan to do the same, we warn you that the disc does not include the full game.

according to John Lineman, de Digital Foundry, If you try to install infinite aura From a physical copy and you don’t have an internet connection, the installation will be interrupted saying “Game incomplete”. Meaning, you have to be online to download the required updates. Similarly, if you try to play it offline and then connect, it will tell you that you have to wait until December 8.

At the moment, it is not known whether this applies to the version of Series X | S o Xbox One, Since then naturally Microsoft Includes a copy of One On the album, but it forces you to improve Series X | S. when calling.

Remember that Halo Infinite will be available next December 8 on Xbox and PC. Whose Atomics Our written review is ready and you can refer to it Click here.


Editor’s note: Unfortunately, these kinds of things have become normal in modern games. After all, the vast majority of games always need a one-day patch for optimal performance, but you can still play offline without any problem.

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via: John Lineman

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