Guterres: Ramadan is a reminder of our common humanity

he Secretary General On Sunday, he extended his best wishes to millions of Muslims around the world as they begin celebrating Ramadan.

António Guterres stressed that Ramadan embodies the values ​​of peace, resilience and generosity, and referred to the period of reflection and prayer as “an opportunity to unite and uplift each other.”

also He expressed his regret that many people start the month facing conflict, displacement and fearHe referred to Afghanistan, the Sahel region, East Africa and Syria. He added: “My thoughts and heart are with them.”

In his message, Guterres expressed a special message of solidarity and support “to all those suffering from the atrocities in Gaza,” noting that Ramadan is “a reminder of our common humanity.”

The UN Secretary-General urged to heal divisions and support those in need Working together for the security and dignity of all members of the human family. He added: “I hope that this holy month will bring us peace and guide us towards a more just and compassionate world.”

Suspension of fighting in Sudan

On Thursday, Guterres also asked the parties to the conflict in Sudan to agree to stop fighting during the month of Ramadan, which is marked by practices such as fasting.

The beginning of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar varies from year to year and from one region to another, depending on the lunar calendar. The period is expected to begin between Sunday night and Tuesday, depending on the geographical location.

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