Guess what the music sounds with this online game for beautiful ears

Learn the songs ASAP is a game that many of us have played. Moreover, the iPod had this game that allowed it Guess what the music is playing From your music collection. A fun game that is even part of the TV competition.

But Guess a song by listening to it A few seconds is not easy. There are those who have an internal Shazam that tells them the name of the artist, group, and / or song. For others, it costs us more and we are likely to make mistakes by mixing up musical styles or singers that have nothing to do with it.

Be good or bad in this game, it is a fun activity, both alone and in group in particular. This is exactly where the clue is SongliuAn online game that specifically consists of recognizing songs in just 20 seconds. The fastest wins.

Guess what the music is playing

You can play Songlio alone or against other players. The maximum is 100 players at the same time. Plus, since it works online, from your web browser, you can use it to activate an Zoom in on a video call Or use it as a tool in a file School or institute.

If you are playing alone, you can choose between 50 question battery Various themes and genres, such as music from 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s, Disney songs or movies, TV music, Queen songs, ABBA’s, indie bands, etc. If you have a few of these traits, you can also play with selections from other players. And at the time of the consultation, she had 95 the exams One of the most versatile of them. Heavy Metal, Dua Lipa, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arctic Monkeys, TV Music, Spanish Songs … Come on, what’s up Topics to choose from For every taste.

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And if you choose multiplayer mode, each player can contribute a song for others to guess. From there, 20 seconds to guess for each song. The faster you answer, the more points you will get. And as it usually happens in every dots game, Who won the most points Reach the end of the game.

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