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An important part of the processes of globalization promoted by humanity, during recent decades, was the organization of summit meetings, which put the leaders of different countries in one place, according to their common interests.

Within this framework, one of the most famous summits is the one that brings together the rulers of the world’s most industrialized countries, in this case I refer to the so-called “Group of Seven” (G7), made up of the United Nations. Countries, Canada, Japan, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Canada. Regarding the countries belonging to this group, it has been a matter of controversy, due to the countries that feel neglected, such as Russia, which was included until 2014, when it invaded Crimea, in Ukraine; Currently, China, the world’s second largest economy, cannot explain why it is not in the group.

With the idea of ​​having this kind of group of nations, in a less stringent context of belonging, others were merged, such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) (until recently run by the Mexican Jose Angel Gurria) and the Group of Twenty (G20), and Mexico belongs to both, Which in turn are considered “groups of the rich”.

In addition, regional groups have been created, among which Mexico belongs to those that include the Pacific region, but also continental groups, such as those related to the Ibero-American Summits (Latin America plus Spain) and the Summit of the Americas, which year will be held next June, In the city of Los Angeles, California, in the United States.

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With the United States being the host country of the meeting, it was virtually assured that it would exclude from the guest list countries that were formed as what Washington interprets as socialist dictatorships, such as in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

These are three countries with which Mexico has established, almost through diplomatic tradition, a good relationship, which is strengthened now that a party associated with the left is in power.

For this reason, from the Presidency of the Republic, there was an angry claim against the President of the United States, Joe Biden, demanding that there be no exceptions and inviting all the countries of the continent, which, on the other hand, the State Department refused to do, while the presidential spokesperson chose to simply say that no Send no invitations yet.

At the moment, the Mexican president has threatened to stop attending the Summit of the Americas, if the refusal of the invitation of the three mentioned countries continues, although history does not leave the participation of their rulers in previous summits unsuccessful.

In this regard, there is the memory of the meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2005, when then-President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, attacked the Free Trade Area of ​​the Americas (FTAA), which was promoted at the time, exclaiming: “FTAA, FTAA, damn it!

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