Guatemalan Juan Francisco Vadillo has reached the semi-finals of the International Science Breakthrough Junior Challenge

Juan Francisco Vadelo that it 17-year-old Guatemalan boy which is part of Junior Breakout Challenge semi-finals. that it International Science and Mathematics Competition, recognized as the most important in the world for young people.

The best thing is that Juan Francisco is racing to keep moving ahead in the competition. We tell you all the details and how you can vote for it. Such pride!

Guatemala qualified for the semi-finals of the International Science and Mathematics Competition

The Junior hack challenge he is International Student Science and Mathematics CompetitionDesigned to inspire creative thinking in key concepts in the life sciences, physics and mathematics. In addition, millions of young people around the world are showing their candidacy to present their talent at the international level.

The best thing is that Guatemala was represented thanks to the participation of 17-year-old Juan Francisco Vadillo. With his talent and dedication, he was selected as one of the 30 semi-finalists out of more than 10,000 participants from all over the world.

The Guatemala He shares physics-focused theory that explains the mysteries of “dark matter,” a type of matter he studied Astrophysics and cosmology.

Description of the image for the blind: Juan Francisco Vadillo during the filming of the video. (Credits: Breakthrough Beginner Challenge)

Image description for the blind: Screenshot from a Guatemalan video at an international science and mathematics competition. (Credits: Breakthrough Beginner Challenge)

How do you vote for Juan Francisco Fadillo?

Currently Juan Francisco is in the popular vote stage within international competition. . official page Junior hack challenge Share a video of each of the finalists for the audience to pick winners based on the number of “likes” on Facebook.

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To support a Guatemalan youth, you must enter the following Link where you will find Juan Francisco Vadillo’s post video and gives a Such as. Also, we can help by sharing this video so that more people vote for Juan.

This competition is considered one of the most important in the world thanks to the talented participants. Without a doubt, we are very proud of the work this is doing young man from Guatemala. Many successes Juan Francisco Vadillo! #PilasPues to vote for our citizen.

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