Guatemalan Congress shelters questioned the Minister of the Interior

Jan 21, 2021, 23: 2Guatemala, January 21 (Prinsa Latina) – Guatemalan Interior Minister Gendry Reyes again today escaped from being questioned in Congress, due to the excessive use of force in the November 21, 2020 protest.

Reyes entered the circulation to answer the questions of the head of the Seed Bloc, Bernardo Arevalo, who had requested his removal, but could not explain the reasons for the ruling party deputies in Vamos and their allies, the Union for National Change, National Unity of Hope and the National Rapprochement Front, left the room.

There was a pause to restore the quorum, but it was not achieved, and again this clause was suspended.

The interrogation of Reyes began last Tuesday, and also on that occasion there was little progress in facing the apparent siege of much of the official observer to avoid or at least delay his interrogation.

Despite the fact that in the demonstrations of November 28 and December, citizens demanded every Saturday the dismissal of the official, President Alejandro Giamatti approved him in office at the beginning of 2021, which caused even more discomfort.

The plenary session on Thursday made little progress on its agenda as usual, setting only the election of the new powers of the National Council for Migrant Welfare (Konamegua), an issue pending since October of last year.

At the head of the foundation was Raul Piraeus, the candidate for deputy from the National Union for Change in 2019, and Undersecretary Alvaro Caballeros, who provided courses on human rights between 2016 and 2018 in the Presidential Committee for the Coordination of Executive Policy. .

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In the next three years, both will try to steer Konamegua where the migrants themselves do not feel like they are represented because they say it needs urgent and fundamental reforms.

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