Julissa Reynoso takes over as US Ambassador to Spain

Julissa Reynoso takes over as ambassador for United State In Spain and Andorra, after overcoming controversy in Senate For their position on the system Cuba.

The 47-year-old lawyer of Dominican descent was sworn in Friday before the Vice President Kamala Harris, after the Senate confirmed that responsibility last December, according to Spanish media Target.

The opening ceremony was attended by the first lady of the United States, Jill Biden, whose office is headed by Renoso, who was also the co-chair of the White House Council on Gender Policy.

During Barack Obama’s administration, the attorney was also appointed in 2011 as the United States’ ambassador to Uruguay. Also in 2009, she served as Under Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, taking care of security policies for Central America and the Caribbean.

Renoso came to the United States in 1982. He studied at the universities of Cambridge, the United Kingdom, and the American universities at Harvard and Columbia.

In her work as an attorney, she has been a partner at Winston & Stran, a firm devoted to international law, has also worked with federal judge, Laura Taylor Swain, and has been a legal specialist at the University Law School’s Institute for Policy Integrity, New York and Columbia Law School.

Additionally, in 2006, she was the Deputy Director of the Accountability Office of the New York City Department of Education. She has publications in English and Spanish on regulatory reform, community organizing, housing reform, immigration policy, and Latin American politics.

Banned from her candidacy as ambassador to Spain In the Senate for the Republican Marco RubioConsidering that he is a “defender of (Fidel) Castro’s regime” and that he will not influence Spain “to increase pressure on the authoritarian regimes in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.”

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“Julisa Renoso Pantalion is a supporter and defender of the Castro regime and should not be in our government,” said the Republican, who is the deputy chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and a senior member of the Committee on Foreign Relations in the same room. ..

He also referred to “his assistance in the exchange of prisoners imprisoned by the Cuban regime’s intelligence apparatus while they are serving a sentence in an American prison during the policy of appeasing (former President Barack Obama) and Castro,” which in his opinion raises “serious doubts about his character and judgment.”

The senator added that the United States needed for this position “a person who is committed to freedom and human rights in the Western Hemisphere and is not a representative of the dictators.”

However, last October before the Senate, Reynuso gave a description of her future lines of work as a potential ambassador to the Iberian country, He criticized Spanish policy in Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua.

In addition, he emphasized that he was confident that Spain would maintain in Latin America “the same standard” that it issues in terms of rights and freedoms to other parts of the world.

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