“Greed” and “capitalism” are the keys to vaccination success in the United Kingdom, according to Boris Johnson

  • The prime minister made this comment in a teleconference with the most extreme group of conservatives

  • The opposition describes the Tory leader’s words as “abhorrent” and reminds him that the time has come for “altruism” actions.

According to Boris Johnson, the success of the vaccination campaign in the UK is due to two factors: “Greed” and “capitalism”. So the Prime Minister said to him on Tuesday evening, in a Enlarge the private meeting, For a group of Conservative MPs. Johnson celebrated that 28.3 million people had already received the first dose. My friends, the reason for the success of vaccination is capitalism and greed.. Johnson realized the suspension’s provocation, especially in the vaccine battle he had fought with Brussels, and immediately backed down, asking who had been summoned to They will erase what was said from the collective conscience.

The attendees consisted of governors from the so-called 1922 Committee, which included “conservative” deputies without positions in the government and were known for their positions on the most radical right wing of the party. Many of them endorsed what Johnson said, while his Downing Street spokespersons neither confirmed nor denied.

Profit motive

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According to one of the attendees, Welsh Minister David TC Davis, Johnson “He made it very clear that it was a joke in reference to the Wall Street movie & rdquor;. Other sources insist on explaining that it was not in any way critical of the pharmaceutical companies and the potential profit motive.

The Labor opposition denounced what the Prime Minister had said. Rep. Angela Eagle said, “It is altruism, not greed, that will get us out of this.” “It’s a nasty comment,” said colleague Barry Sherman. Some have suggested that greed was the value of her blessing in the 1980s Anchorsmo.

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