Graduate students of Educational Sciences – El Sol de Tlaxcala

The Autonomous University of Tlaxcala (UATx), through the Faculty of Educational Sciences, led the graduation ceremony of the 2019-2023 generation of degrees in Educational Sciences, Communication and Educational InnovationWhich was held in the facilities of the University Cultural Center (CCU).

Irving Eduardo Ortiz Gallardo, Coordinator of the Department of Sciences and Humanities, represented Serafin Ortiz, President of UATx, expressed his appreciation to the students for the goal achieved, which represents a set of values, virtues, abilities and talents. Which shows the responsibility they bear as citizens committed to their environment.

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He confirmed that Modernity will pose more complex challenges and deeper problems, which will require practicing what they have learned throughout the semester.Explaining that they already have the tools to implement innovation in their profession.

For this part, Rene MHIC has entered into force, providing a new stage in the academic training of our students, because it integrates a curriculum that seeks to go beyond the interdisciplinary approach to clarify knowledge from different disciplines in the interpretation of social phenomena.

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In the name of the generation Alexis Vasquez Hernandez expressed that the graduates gained a commitment to maintaining continuous and permanent training, while thanking the university for welcoming them into its classrooms and guiding their professional growth. Achieving full commitment to training professionals capable of facing social challenges with a humane sense, hence thanking teachers for the teachings and knowledge shared, as well as the support their families receive.

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The ceremony concluded with the handing over of certificates of completion to the 161 graduates, presented by Alfredo Adan Pimentel, Secretary of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies. Juan Jorge Zicoa, Secretary of Self-Realization; As well as the administrative structure of the College of Educational Sciences.

They also completed their junior studies with a certificate in Educational Communication and Innovation.

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