Coty Romero shared a photo in the Argentina camp and was surprised with known details

Before the match between Argentina and Ecuador. Christian “Coty” Romero He posted a post on his personal Instagram account recalling one of the moments world Cup Qatar 2022, In which the team achieved the third star in its history.

Once the World Cup was won, the conquest heroes recounted what their days were like in Qatar on their way to the Grand Final against France. One of the stories that elicited the most laughter was an anecdote “Palo Santo Band”Its heroes filled the smoke with different incense before each match.

The person who started this story was Rodrigo de Paul, who interviewed… TC Sports He pointed out that the Argentine national team had many rituals to prove itself as the best. “Nothing special, but I went out into the hallway and there was smoke… That’s what I’ll tell you, nothing more.”He referred from Madrid even though he did not know who he was.

The person responsible for this “Way of Life” novel was Lisandro Martínez, the most influential of the apologists in terms of ritual. “When we got to Qatar, I don’t know if it was because of the air conditioner or what, I fell first. I stayed in bed for three or four days, I had a fever and a sore throat, and I couldn’t speak. And I called Marito (Di Stefano, the support guy) and said for him: “Bring me palo santo, incense.” “Kotei burdened me a lot…” he said in an interview with sports media.

Then he explained: “For me, it’s a lifestyle, trying to do it Finding balance is very important in football. We go through a thousand emotions, we live one thousand and one when we’re at home or at the club, and we should try to find that energetic balance. We went to university where a lot of people go, and you don’t know what energy all that energy had. Perhaps there are energies that have polluted us unconsciously“.

Coty Romero shared a photo of the national team’s positioning and was surprised by the detailsInstagram: @cutiromero2

What started out as a sideshow at first became the main gang for Alessandro Martinez, Nahuel Molina, and Cristian L “Coty” Romero. This trio was responsible for Fill the halls of Qatar University with Palo Santo smoke During the World Cup competitions as the stages progress.

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And the strange thing about it all is that despite winning the World Cup, this gang persists. This Thursday, before the first date of the South American World Cup qualifiers organized by the United States, Mexico and Canada, Christian Romero posted a photo with… Lisandro Martinez and Nahuel MolinaKnown as the “Palo Santo Gang”.

Cristian Romero shared a photo of focus before the match against EcuadorInstagram: @cutiromero2

“Start a new path. Always with the same desire and hopes to continue leading our team to the top. How nice it is to share these beautiful moments with you.“s”, the Tottenham defender pointed out, but the funny thing is that Lisandro Martinez stood on the concentration bed holding Palo Santo in his hand.

After Messi’s wonderful goal and the team’s victory over Ecuador.. You could say the gang worked. america’s chosen hero, Finalissima The World Cup renews their hopes and they will seek to add three to three against Bolivia on Tuesday. Will the players take Palo Santo to the top of La Paz?

Another trick that has persisted within the Argentine national team is the one they carried out Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes. This Thursday, before the first date of the South American qualifiers, the footballers showed themselves performing their rituals.

Rodrigo De Paul and Leandro Paredes before the match against Ecuador in the South American qualifiersAnibal Greco

Before the start of each match, football players head to the middle of the field dressed in training gear Taste some candy While they talk and look at the stadium stands. Another gang continues, succeeds and entertains the Albiceleste fans.

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