Governor and Semujeres start days to include girls in science – El Sol de Sinaloa

Culiacan, Sen. – This morning, Governor Robin Rocha Moya accompanied him women’s secretary Teresa Guerra Ochoa, launched days Integrating girls into science.

In the event that occurred in Sinaloa Science Centera group of fifth and sixth grade girls are received from Maria Trinidad Domari Ramos Primary School and are called to study science and become scientists.

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In his message to the audience, the governor reminded the girls that professions have no gender and they can become scientists, engineers or astronauts if they think so.

“Being a scientist is a very beautiful task because you are looking for solutions to things, so that humanity can live better, and you are part of humanity. This is a very generous task, because they are completely dedicated to finding solutions, there is an example of vaccines”, She said.

For her part, Sinaloa’s Minister of Public Education and Culture, Graciela Dominguez Nava, revealed that according to UNESCO figures, in a world out of every four men, only one woman gets a job in science, which reflects gender inequality and contributes to increasing economic inequality. In the community.

However, she notes that in the past ten years, it has been the same women who have made their way in the world of science and have been present on issues related to equitable, inclusive and sustainable development, in addition to being increasingly present in the scientific field and technological production itself.

“In this state administration headed by Governor Robin Rocha Moya, we recognize the importance of progress in creating equitable contexts to access science and develop the potential of our girls, from an early age.”She said.

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She stressed that this day provides an opportunity to create conditions to break down the unfair patterns that still exist and to adapt ways of transferring knowledge, technology and innovation to girls.

The conference was welcomed by the Minister of Women’s Affairs, Terry Guerra-Ochoa, and the Chairperson of the Sinaloa DIF System, Eneyda Rocha Ruiz; Dr. Carlos Karam Quiñez, Director General of the General Coordination for the Promotion of Scientific Research and Innovation in the State of Sinaloa (CONFIE), and Director of the Sinaloa Science Center, José Maria Conde Uraga.

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