Google Photos will stop being free in June from 15GB


May 1, 2021 12:29 GMT

The company detailed in its announcement that the application will present a new tool that will be used to remove blurry or dark images, as well as long videos.

The free Google Photos service launched in 2015 soon It will not have unlimited capacityto. As part of the changes to the company’s storage policies, from June 1, the user You will have to Pay a fee when exceeding 15 GB The company gives each Gmail account.

However, this limit will not be taken into account for high-quality photos and videos that are saved in the app before that date, so those who have already exceeded the storage limit or do so during May, They will not have to make any payments.

Google has made it clear that many users will not be affected immediately by this new policy, as it estimates that 80% of them will not reach the limit in Three years at least. Additionally, when the storage capacity approaches 15GB, users will receive the corresponding notification via email.

On the other hand, as detailed by the company in its file adStarting in June, the app will introduce a new tool that will be used to remove blurry or dark images, as well as long videos.

Storage expansion potential can be accessed through Google One, with quotas starting in the US $ 1.99 per month. This way, the limit can be increased to 100 GB.

Finally, he explained that nearly 28,000 photos and videos were uploaded weekly, so that the number of accumulated files in Google Photos exceeded 4 billion files.

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