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Personal, academic or practical goals for learning English? Google It gives you the boost you need by giving you new learning tools for this widely used language globally.

In an increasingly globalized world in terms of information and skills, being fully prepared in various fields for a competitive job, personal and academic life is one of the most important things today, as is the languages ​​you know. .

With a new year comes new opportunities, and Google gives us the tools to achieve the goal that many people have set for this new year 2024, which is to learn English, or improve it if possible.

Let us remember that Google is one of the most famous virtual platforms in the world, and it is an automated search engine that uses “web crawler” programming and software to explore certain information online.

These learning tools will help you hone skills like pronunciation and vocabulary, among others, all for free.

Learning and practicing has never been easier. You learn at your own pace and using highly effective techniques, and you even learn by playing. These tools are ideal for anyone aiming to master this language, as they can be practiced even from any mobile device.

The tools provided by Google to practice English are the following:

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Speaking practice: With this tool, you can benefit from real-time pronunciation corrections, as well as participate in a 3-5 minute practice session.

Accessing this tool is simple, all you have to do is search for a translation in the Google search bar.

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Google Word Trainer: This is a game in which, in addition to having fun and passing the time, you can practice and learn new words in English every day. Simply search the Google bar for “Google Word Coach”.

pronunciation: This specific function will help you learn the correct pronunciation of the word in English. Simply, in the Google search bar, type the word in English next to the word “pronunciation,” and the search will automatically show you the correct way to pronounce the word.

Preparing for the interview: Just as this tool can be used on a personal and academic level, some seek to develop it on an academic level, which starts from the basics, such as practicing a job interview in English.

It's the same job as Google's latest tool, which prepares you by simulating job interviews in English.

With these tools sponsored by the great company that is Google and with a little perseverance, you will definitely be able to master this language, the English language. It is important that we take this area of ​​our lives into consideration, because learning English is knowledge that can open doors to new countries, new cultures and new people, according to an article published in LinkedIn.

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