Google launched the login page in Mexico and globally because, let's face it, the old page was pretty ugly

Google It updates your login pageadapting its interface to Material Design, a design style the company has been creating since 2014, and changing the look to make it “more developed“.

according to Company, this change affects the visual appearance only and has no impact on functionality. Therefore, the login process Not affectedUsers will still need to enter their email and password.

in Your support pageGoogle explains that the new login page Fits any type of screenincluding those of large format or panoramic format.

Implement this update It will be visible on all devicesWhether on computers, phones or tablets. It will display the same way as before when you sign in to a Google app or Google service from a browser like Chrome.

However, it is important to highlight this If you are using an older version of the browserthe old interface may still be visible.

How to get the new login interface

This change will apply to all users and cannot be opted out. Therefore, the edit will automatically be seen by both In Google Workspace accounts as well as in personal accounts.

Implementation of this new interface will be gradual for users, From February 21, 2024 to March 4, 2024That is, there will be a period of 15 days until the accounts receive the amendment.

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