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If you are a Samsung user and have a foldable device like the Samsung Galaxy Fold3, you probably felt uncomfortable at the time of writing when the smartphone was in the form of a “tablet”, because the large screen of the device does not allow you to type properly and doing so becomes a challenge . for this reason, I created split keyboard, what is it and how to enable it? We will explain the details below from Depor.

It is important to clarify that at the moment, Split Keyboard is only available in the version Don’t worry we will also teach you how to install it; However, the keyboard that comes by default on the Samsung Galaxy Fold3 has the aforementioned functionality.

anyway gboard It is a keyboard that is superior to that of Samsung due to its different writing instruments. This app has decided to add the split keyboard to its platform so that users do not move to other options, the tech portal reported. .

Gboard split keyboard preview (Photo: Xataka Android)


  • First, enter the Google Play Store and search for an app gboard.
  • Access the first result that the above-mentioned App Store shows you.
  • Now, scroll down and in the Join Beta section, click on the Share button.
  • Immediately a small window will appear asking you the following: “Do you want to join the beta program?“.
  • Finally, touch the option called “Join”, which is located below the question.
  • When you already have the beta, you can activate the split keyboard icon from the top bar or keyboard settings, but some keys like “G” and “V” can be repeated, as you can see in the previous screenshot.
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Best keyboard apps for Android phones

  • This keyboard belonging to Microsoft is one of the best choices for your phone, it is not only for you to type, but also allows you to customize themes, character size, create tasks, etc.
  • : The app features by allowing you to add app shortcuts or some extensions at the top of the keyboard.
  • : This keyboard is named “Chameleon” for its main feature, it is able to change the color of its main interface depending on the application you are using, the goal is for the keyboard to be more visually appealing.
  • : This keyboard offers you very large keys, which is ideal for users who often make mistakes when typing. Also includes customization options.
  • : It provides you with the best privacy and security, because in one of the paragraphs of its terms and conditions it indicates that it does not use your data to provide it to third parties. After that, it has everything a keyboard can offer you: customization, gesture typing, prediction system, etc.

Guide to take screenshot with swipe from your cell phone

  • First, make a file screenshot In the traditional way, by simultaneously pressing the volume down and power on or off buttons.
  • At the bottom you will see a floating window with three options.
  • Click the first icon of the box surrounding the two down arrows. You have to press on it several times, but carefully, touch it once and the icon will turn to the color of lead, when you enable it again, touch it again.
  • On the left side you will see a preview of the screenshot.
  • When you think you’ve picked up what’s necessary, click on the photo and it will open for you to see it in large size.
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