Goodbye, flawless complexion! The United Kingdom bans influencers from using beauty filters on Instagram

We have to accept that all of us, at least once in our lives, have experienced us Instagram filters To hide some dark circles or imperfections so that we see ourselves “better” in photos or feel “safer” when going to the camera, right? However, the problem arises when we follow thousands of influencer accounts Instagram They promote skin products with filters, which makes you think the treatments they use can do this magic (when they aren’t).

Faced with this situation, United kingdom I have already taken action on this issue Banning the use of beauty filters on Instagram For those with influence. Read on to find out what this new regulation says and how this initiative started.

No more misuse of Instagram beauty filters in the UK

England was the first country to regulate this situation encouraging the purchase of products at the expense of deceptive ads. The ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) that regulates advertising in United kingdom, He had indicated it Filters are prohibited on influencers sponsored or not sponsored by the cosmetic brand Provided that the company benefits from “misleading advertising” (even if it is Repost ). If the influencer commits the action, the agency will make sure to remove it.

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