Chanel Hayes reveals eight weight loss stones in a daytime blue jumpsuit with her son

Former Big Brother star Chanel Hayes She was open about her weight loss after losing eight stones after one Gastric sleeve surgery.

In the star’s latest snapshots, she smiled as she enjoyed a fun day with her son Frankie at the National Coal Mining Museum.

Taking to Instagram on Monday, she posted plenty of photos from that day with her three-year-old son, which she shares with ex-partner Ryan Oates.

Wearing a light blue jumpsuit for the day, she posted photos of herself and Frankie playing on the field with the caption: “Insta vs Reality

Charlotte and Frankie were caught playing on the seesaw

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“Frankie and I went to the coal mine museum that day. I can’t believe in two weeks he’ll have four and in a few days he’ll start school.

“Do any of you feel that little children are still babies when in fact they are turning into little humans so quickly?!

Chanel posted clips of her and Frankie playing on the seesaw

“I never get to take too many pictures when I go out with the kids because a) I have to pay them 20p for a picture and (b) they both think they’re too adorable to take pictures with their ’embarrassing mom’.

“I don’t know how people can be so organized and their kids are so obedient that they are actually able to get a lot of pretty pictures. I have a job to tidy up and get out of the house hahaha.”

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Chanel Cant Pure on social media On her weight loss, to tell fans she’s “happier than ever” with her body.

In a post about the transformation, she told fans what she called her in the past and encouraged people to foster self-love.

Chanel has spoken on social media about her amazing weight loss.
Chanel has spoken on social media about her amazing weight loss.

She wrote: “In recent years I have realized that I am what I tell myself. Growing up, I considered myself ‘ugly’, ‘funny fat friend’, ‘unworthy’, ‘disgusting’.”

“But even when I was a size 6 and weighed less than 7 stones, I still felt like I wasn’t good enough and always compared myself to other people who were prettier, thinner, smarter, or more famous.” Learn the secrets to be happy all the time.

Chanelle Hayes showed off her dramatic weight loss in before and after photos
Chanelle shared a picture of her weight loss in the before and after pictures

“But every day since August 1, 2020, I’ve told myself I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, I’m pretty enough, I’m a great person.”

Chanel ended her speech by saying, “I don’t care if someone agrees, I just compete with myself and only achieve for myself.

“I’m not happy every day, I have bad moods and negative days, but I feel better about myself than I’ve ever felt in my life. I hate these kinds of posts that preach to people and I’m not bragging, so I’m grateful I got my life back. #Self love”,

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