Good and Evil in the First Feature of Camille Griffin

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Silent Night is one of the most memorable releases of the week and here we give you our opinion about the movie. What are its strengths and weaknesses?

Last Night: The Good and the Bad in Camille Griffin's First Feature.
¬© Marv StudiosLast Night: The Good and the Bad in Camille Griffin’s First Feature.

A quiet night the Last night Opens in theaters in Latin America on Thursday 13 Januaryafter its first official release at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival in mid-September last year and then arrived in the US and UK in early December. Camille Griffin She works as a director and screenwriter on her first movie that we’ve already seen and we’ll tell you what we think spoiler.

This 92-minute film that combines the genres of mystery, suspense, and comedy, won the Best Screenplay Award at the Sitges Film Festival. Keira Knightley and Matthew Goode s Roman Griffin DavisThe director’s son, who I already saw in him Jojo Rabbit (2019 .)). The rest of the cast is completed with Annabelle Wallis, Lily-Rose Depp, Soap Dereso, Kirby Howell Baptist, Lucy Bunch s Rufus Jones.

what is he talking about? The story follows a group of old friends who gather to celebrate a typical Christmas in a country house in the UK, but the truth is that the event is not a holiday in itself, as they are minutes away from the end of the world for all mankind. . It’s a rolling gas cloud that kills all life on the planet, so they decide to spend a night pretending that the normal will soon turn into despair, even though there is a solution to avoid suffering.

+ good

Everything that can be treated as a terrifying moment in the lives of these characters turns into a stage in which it is Comedy and awkwardness take center stage with some funny situations and funny dialogues Which takes us to the past of each one of them, achieving the central goal of the film. Roman Griffin Davis He shines on the inside Template in which chemistry emerges as you move through these humorous intricaciesAccording to the moment of the movie.

+ the bad

In the dialogues, which do not seek to think of a moment of fun in the middle of the night, they meet some clich√©s of this time by He tried to criticize some aspects that disturb the world today, but there is no such depth in these debates and the issues remain in the air.being the major narrative problem. Given the kind of comedy I started with, the script is lost At the time of turning it into a drama and losing the plot balance is notorious. finally, The ending is highly predictable and leaves a somewhat wrong message for the planet’s current moment.

Finally, Last night It’s a fun movie that hits certain moments, but for those who aren’t interested in certain details, an hour and a half can be satisfying, although the final shot will leave great discussions emitting, perhaps unintentionally, a more statement I certainly won’t share. for the first time from Camille Griffin It will be available in Latin American theaters starting Thursday, January 13, as one of the top premieres of the week.

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