Golf Castellón “invades” the United States

More and more golfers from Castellón are heading to the United States to pursue a dream: to study for a college degree and continue playing golf. Sports are an essential part of this country and are highly regarded, which is why all facilities are provided in most universities for students who are dedicated to sports at the same time. Through federal law, in which males and females are more or less equal, training and competitions are facilitated during examination periods without the difficulties that most athletes in Spain face, on the contrary.

And so, with university scholarships, more and more golfers from Castellón have crossed the pond to continue their studies without giving up being a top-level athlete or fighting to make it one day. During this academic year 2022/2023, five people from Castellón are enrolled in the ranks of various American universitiesAlthough next year they will be joined by another young man promising to play regional golf.

Those who have already settled in the United States, moreover, are scratching at a high mathematical level Carla Bernat (Tulane University), Carla Tejido (University of Louisiana), Merch Corbacho (University of Southern Mississippi), Josel Pallister (University of Arizona) and Enrique Boldo (Erskine College), while who will make the leap in the 2023/2024 academic year will be the young Julia Pallisterwho was already signed to his contract by Tulane University.

People from Castellón chasing the American Dream. Mediterranean sea

Educational system

In all these University Centers in various parts of the United States, everything is geared towards sports, always without forgetting the academic performance of those interested and offering an additional edge in facilities and competitions to scholarship athletes. This position allows, in this case, the golfers from Castellón to study all kinds of studies: Business (Boldó) or Psychology (Tejedo) or Molecular Biology (Corbacho) or Sports Science and Kinesiology (Ballester), For example but not limited to. They can also participate in university tournaments, as well as in international tournaments, increasing their efficiency and record at the best, making their way up and gaining prestige in their careers.

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Example John Rahm

Without going any further, this route from Spain to the United States has been going on for many years. The best Spanish golfer of the moment – and the recent Augusta Masters champion -, John RamThe university is affiliated with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the main association of the American university system. Also the two best Spanish golfers, Carlota Ciganda and Azhara Muñoz. We’ll have to wait a while to see how far the people of Castellón go…

And two promises in bloom: Rocío Tejido and Palma Davalos

Rocío Tejedo and Palma Davalos have yet to make the jump to the US to study due to their age, but they are already part of the selected team for the Bloom National School, at their headquarters in Madrid. There, young golfers who want to advance their training are prepared with top-level technicians and high-quality facilities, with a detailed sports program and daily monitoring of their progress. Since last year, the two young golfers from Castellón have been part of the aforementioned National School of High Performance Center, training under the orders of Salva Luna, who, in addition to being a coach, is its technical director.

This is where Rocio, the youngest of the Tejedo sisters, exploded as one of the best golfers of the moment, having won the Andalusian Cup, the International Cup of Portugal and the Cup of Catalunya, as well as being a semi-finalist in the Queen’s Cup.

Their good results, and the help they receive from the agency that represents them, Zacks Sports, will allow them to start their college studies in August 2024 in Louisiana (in the case of Rossio) and Auburn (in the case of Palma). and p

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