Get rid of muscle fatigue with this exercise

The wobbly motion is ideal for dealing with poor muscle flexibility, and is often responsible for muscle discomfort, especially among runners.

Hamstring discomfort is very common among runners. Usually this is due to poor muscle elasticity, a problem that we can solve with specific exercises during training.

In this video, our personal trainer Victor Tellez (@vtellezcoach) tells us about it Oscillating motion allows for better tolerance of muscular stress. Specifically, he suggests an exercise based on the deadlift, either on two legs or on one leg.

During the deadlift, we work in two phases: eccentric (lowering) and concentric (raising).. The oscillating motion will be a union of both, Apply the maximum speed in the shortest possible time. “In the process, what’s going to happen is your muscles are stretching and contracting at breakneck speeds,” Tellez says.

If you have questions about this or other exercise, our coach will answer you without any problems through his social networks. In addition, you can access this connection In case you want to know more about workouts, exercises or other tips or tricks.

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