Golden Globes 2021: The Golden Globes Predict Best Comedy Series | spoiler

The 2021 Golden Globe Awards are getting closer and closer, and the nominees who will receive the award on February 28 are already known. With the names on the table The main candidates to be highlighted in each category have already been identified. In the field of Best comedy series There are important titles, but one production is preferred over the rest. Check out spoiler predictions!

The surprise on the list is Emily in Paris: The Netflix Show was shortlisted after a box office success and a renewal for another season it got. However, his choice was not without controversy and there were those who considered him unfair. According to the Spoiler poll, 59% oppose her being among the candidates. At the same time, Lily Collins also entered the nominations for Best Comedic Actress.

The host Is starring Kylie Coco It was first shown in HBO Max November 26, 2020. Translated The Big Bang Theory He was also nominated for a category Best Comedy Actress. The series was so successful that it was renewed for another year. Fans in Latin America will be able to enjoy it in June as the platform arrives.

Hulu Series, The great, Reached the top five thanks to the ten episodes of its first season, which was released in May 2020. In addition, it received two other nominations: Nicholas Holt (Best Comedian) and Elle Fanning (Best Actress in a Comedy Film). In 2021 it will have a new season.

Ted Lasso He is a candidate + Apple TV For this class. The comedy show premiered in August 2020 and will have at least two additional installments. The series that won the American Film Institute Awards She also has a nominee in the Golden Globes Jason Sudeikis How Best Actor in a Comedy Film.

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Expect to win a Golden Globe for Best Comedy Series: Sheets Creek

Canadian sitcom Chet Creek It is the second most nominated winner behind The Crown and has won six Emmy Awards. At the 2021 Golden Globe Awards, she also has as nominees: Eugene Levy (Best comedian), Daniel Levy (Best Supporting Actor), Annie Murphy (Best Supporting Actress) and Catherine O’Hara (Best Actress in a Comedy Series).

The CBC novel premiered in 2015 and ended last year. She has six seasons and 80 episodes that have made her a hit with the audience. Although Netflix bought the rights for the first two seasons, they can only be enjoyed by users in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

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