Global solidarity with Cuba and rejection of the US embargo is growing

Activists from the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Finland and Germany participated in the weekend events that concluded the Day We Have Memory, against terrorism and the blockade held by the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples since last September.

According to Turkey’s Cubaaminerix website, members of the Jose Marti Friendship Association met with Cuba at the Maca Central Park in Ankara to demand the lifting of US sanctions.

This activity also demanded the cessation of the subversive campaign and the mastermind manipulation against the Cuban Revolution.

On the other hand, the Sinn Fein party’s national convention held yesterday in Dublin approved a motion that reiterates the condemnation of the more than 60-year-old economic embargo on the Cuban people and demands its end, Cubaminrix reported.

The conference also commended the work of the Henry Reeve Medical Brigades International.

The text approved at the above-mentioned conference indicates that the international community has always witnessed the social and economic consequences of the imposition of the embargo on the Cuban people. The document condemns that the North American economic blockade is impeding Cuba’s national ability to access medical supplies needed to confront the Covid-19 epidemic.

The aforementioned party president, Mary Lou MacDonald, in her closing address at the conference, endorsed Sinn Fein’s solidarity with the Cuban Revolution at a time when it was going through destabilizing actions.

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