“Girls” by Pilar Palomero, Best Film at the Goya Awards for Spanish Cinema

the girlsOn Saturday, Pilar Palomero’s first feature film, it won Joya for Best Film of the Year by beating AdAnd the Rosa’s wedding, passionate s Ane.

The award was awarded to Anna Maria Ruiz Lopez, the nurse who created the IFEMA field hospital library (Madrid), when the epidemic broke out.

In addition to the Best Film Award, the girlsAwarded for Best Nove Director, Best Photography, and Best Original Screenplay.

Starring Andrea Fandos and Natalia De Molina, the girls It is narrated in the context of Spain in 1992, where pomp and modernity are experienced at the fair and the Olympic Games, while real life continues at the traditional school of nuns in Zaragoza.

Written and directed by Palomero (Zaragoza, 1980), it talks about adolescence, the journey to maturity, prejudices, modernity and tradition, love of children and friendship, in a regional setting that reflects a global history.

The film follows Celia (Fandos), an 11-year-old girl who studies at a nuns school in Zaragoza and lives with her mother (Natalia de Molina), a young single woman who left her town pregnant and never saw her again. his family.

Brisa (Zoe Arnau), a new partner who recently arrived from Barcelona, ​​pushes little Celia into a new phase in her life: adolescence.

It is the first feature film by the Aragonese creator, short film maker and documentary author of Lost, Horta (2017), written by Palomero with bits of his memory, with the outlines of what Spain’s 1990s society and the stifling world of madrasas were like.

although the girls The work appears to be tacky, with the narrative focusing on the very young girls who go to nuns school and do their homework, play lipstick for the first time or smoke secretly, behind every little gesture that the real world they grow up in and lives in conceals. .

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For his part, Salvador Calvo (Madrid 1970) won the Joya Award for Best Director for his second feature film, Ad, A crossover film on immigration.

Actor Mario Casas won the Goya Award for Best Leading Actor for his role as Danny You will not be killedCatalonia’s third feature film, David Victory, which won the nominations Javier Camara, Ernesto Alterio and David Verdaguer.

AkelaarFrom Argentina, Pablo Aguero, got the highest number, five. Specifically, he took goyas to the best wardrobe; Special effects makeup and hairdressing; Original music artistic direction.

Forgetfulness that we will be on (Colombia), directed by Fernando Trouba, won the 2021 Joya Award for Best Ibero-American Film. Film excel Agent MallWritten by Mighty Bardi (Chile); Weeping womanBy Jayro Bustamante (Guatemala), and I am not here anymoreWritten by Fernando Frias de la Bara (Mexico).

Finally, Angela Molina received the 2021 Joya Honor Award.

The winners
the best movie: the girls
Best Director: Salvador Calvo Ad
Best Leading Actress: Patricia Lopez-Arniz, for Ane
Best Lead Actor: Mario Casas, for You will not be killed
Best Supporting Actress: Natalie Boza Rosa’s wedding
Best Supporting Actor: Alberto San Juan passionate
Best New Actress: John Laspierre Ane
Best New Actor: Adam Norou Ad
Best New Director: Pilar Palomero the girls
Best Original Screenplay: Pilar Palomero for the girls
Adapted best screenplay: David Perez Sanudo & Marina Paris Polido, for Ane
Best Editing: Sergio Jimenez for Discovery year
Best Photography Director: Daniela Cagias for the girls
Best Sound: Eduardo Esquide, Jamaica Ruíz García, Juan Ferro, Nicolás de Poulpiquet, for Ad
Best Art Direction: Mikel Serrano Akelaar
Best Original Music: Aránzazu Calleja and Maite Arroitajauregi, by Akelaar
Best Original Song: Que no, que no – María Rozalén – for Rosa’s wedding
Best Costume Design: Nerea Torrijos, by Akelaar
Best Makeup and Hairstyle: Beata Wutjovic and Ricardo Molina, Vs. Akelaar
Best Special Effects: Mariano Garcia Marti and Anna Rubio Akelaar
Best Director: Luis Fernandez Lago and Anna Parra, for the benefit Ad
Best Documentary Film: Discovery yearBy Luis Lopez Carrasco
Best Animated Film: La Galina TorlicaBy Eduardo Gondel and Victor Monegot
Best Ibero American Film: Forgetfulness that we will be onBy Fernando Trouba (Colombia)
Best European Film: the fatherBy Florian Zeller (UK / France)
Best Short Fiction Film: on the faceBy Javier Marco Rico
Best Short Documentary Film: Biography of a woman’s bodyBy Mabel Lozano
Best Animated Short Film: Blue & Malone: ​​Impossible CasesBy Abraham Lopez Guerrero

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