Bolivarian Shield Exercise defends the legacy of Hugo Chávez workers

On the occasion of the eighth anniversary of the Supreme Commander’s historic seeding, on March 5, the Bolivarian Shield exercise “Supreme Commander Hugo Rafael Chávez Frias 2021” began, whose declared goals symbolize the civilian, military and police unit around it. The revolution led by the Latin American giant and the decision to ensure the full defense of the nation.

Photo: Taken from VTV

The strategic commander of the strategic operations of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, A / J Remigio Ceballos Ichaso, noted that despite the attacks of the empires of the world, Venezuela was still standing thanks to the teachings of the two giants Bolivar and Chávez.

According to the reviews of Venezuela de Televisión, the high-ranking military officer formulated that “at the command of Commander in Chief Nicolas Maduro, we commend the work of this tireless and endless giant who is always in our hearts, our Supreme Commander Hugo Chávez.”

The Admiral General explained that through this major exercise, the operational readiness of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will be raised, and the completion of all institutional tasks will be ensured through the deployment of civilian – military – police in all strategic areas and 28 operations. Zones of Total Defense (ZODI) in order to counter all current and future threats.

Photo: Taken from VTV

As part of the scheduled tasks, the Bolivarian Army Aviation’s combat pilots carried out a Mi-35M2 attack helicopter firing exercise, described by the Army Aviation Commander, J / B Carlos Quintero Regos, as a tool intended to integrate the Army Aviation Corps. In conjunction with the rest of the forces in the integrated defense of the homeland.

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Caracas HighwayLa Gueira was also the scene of interlocking and in-depth defensive action exercises, which are part of a common, unified, and comprehensive work of the security forces to anticipate and reject any invasion attempt that threatens the homeland.

This is explained by G / D Javier José Marcano Tábata, who explained: “We are here following the legacy and historical achievement of our liberators in defense of our free homeland.”

Photo: Taken from VTV

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