Gibraltar aspires to reform its 2006 constitution to stop considering it a British colony.

Gibraltar aims to reform Constitution of 2006 Not to be subject to British laws while demanding his own parliamentarian in a palace Westminster Make your voice heard independently in London. The goal is a kind of decentralized integration that it understands will lead to it ceasing to be considered a state Cologne By the United Nations.

This is Gibraltar’s long-standing and controversial ambition, while separating from Britain’s exit from the European Union, It will lead you to another long road, through which you intend to obtain… the current situation Different from the rest of the British territories overseas The idea of ​​reducing, as hitherto, London’s legislative powers above ordinary institutions, while enhancing self-government, was not well received in the capital, which had already rejected it in 1976 Claiming that any further constitutional reform or decolonization must take into account the so-called “Spanish dimension.” The UK government said at the time: “Independence will only be an option for Gibraltar with the consent of Spain.”

The 2006 Constitution gave the local government full powers, with all exceptions Defence, foreign affairs and homeland security, which is held by the UK Government. It was the result of a long process of difficult negotiations between London and the colony to amend the charter granted to it 1969 Which led to the gate closing Spain. Given that experience and the beginning to change British opinion about constitutional reform, the Government decided Fabian Picardo Send a working document to the Procedures Committee in board of the Public He begins to outline all these changes and considers it unacceptable for London to maintain its reservations after so many years.

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The Gibraltar Executive considers it “necessary to update its 2006 Constitution to take into account the impact of the decision to abandon European Union And further develop the right to self-determination for Gibraltar and the people of Gibraltar.” “We firmly believe that any new constitution should provide for the people of Gibraltar to be represented in one or both Houses of Parliament. Parliament at Westminster. This must be agreed in a way that does not reduce or diminish the current degree of autonomy, but rather improves it. Moreover, we believe that responsibility International representation Gibraltar, including Gibraltar’s external action in its areas of competence and responsibility.”

The Rock states that it “shall remain permanently in constitutional and political relationship with the United Kingdom, the British Family of Nations and Great Britain.” Parliament of the United Kingdom, But with changes. “We firmly believe that the powers of the UK Government to legislate over the heads of Gibraltar’s elected governments in the name of peace, order and good government, should be removed from Gibraltar’s constitutional documents.”

Gibraltar is “jealous of her.” Constitutional powers For legislation through the Parliament of Gibraltar” and is considered “use Council orders“, a type of legislation drafted by the government and made in the name of the king. “The day-to-day administration of Gibraltar’s affairs corresponds solely to its Government and Parliament,” explains the simple executive.

“It is possible that some legislation will be passed Westminster It may directly or indirectly affect the interests of Gibraltar. Likewise, the United Kingdom has interests with which it would like Gibraltar to remain aligned. In our close contact with External OfficeWe work to ensure that our legislation reflects the reasonable concerns and interests of the UK. A good example of this is the transparency of our commercial register and the application of essentially simultaneous sanctions, as happened after the illegal invasion of our country. Ukraine On the part of Russia,” he confirms.

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The Gibraltar government says it is “working closely and directly with the UK Executive, the Foreign Office and other departments”, following the attack on Gibraltar. Britain’s exit from the European Union “More than at any time in recent decades” and “welcomes the news that the various departments of Her Majesty’s Government will appoint a responsible person within each department who will be aware of the specific concerns, issues and challenges facing the Government.” lands abroad With the aim of working together face to face, politicians and officials, to solve any problems that may arise.

“Gibraltar has no desire or ambition for this,” he added It includes also impact In the internal affairs or day-to-day affairs of the United Kingdom within Parliament. However, the opportunity to express and expose the individual Fears A vote in both chambers could have a significant impact in ensuring that the UK, simply by not being aware of our very specific needs and circumstances, does not inadvertently legislate in a way that creates serious risk. Negative repercussions In the affairs and interests of Gibraltar.”

“when Deputy which can express Gibraltar’s concerns and interests in the House of Commons and the House of Lords, as well as exchange views “in the House of Commons” Corridors “Collaboration with colleagues will help foster a new, more modern relationship between the UK and Gibraltar,” he concludes.

In a letter also addressed to the Procedures Committee in board of the PublicThe movement to represent Gibraltar in Westminster – which in 2019 collected 14,000 signatures supporting its arguments – states that the Rock obtained the right to vote in the European Union, with the United Kingdom opposing, thanks to a citizen’s demand, Dennis Matthewsbefore the Human Rights Court in The Hague in 1999. This was when Gibraltar was incorporated electorally as part of the European Electoral District of South West England, where it remained until the United Kingdom left the European Union on 31 January 2020. With Brexit, as Gibraltar lost without representation at Westminster.

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“Calling Gibraltar a colony is everyone’s favorite cudgel Spain “But with independent representation at Westminster, these insulting insults and illegal claims to sovereignty will be permanently eliminated,” the document said. This is exactly why the former Prime Minister, Sir Harold WilsonHe proposed incorporating Gibraltar in 1964, to circumvent the dictator sincere In their false claims about the colonial settlement of Gibraltar.”

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