Gerrard makes life difficult for Andy Robertson as Paul Pogba addresses the ‘story’ of Liverpool

Liverpool is preparing for its final preparations for Sunday’s huge match against Manchester United.

The Reds face their fierce opponent in a table top match at Anfield and focus on both sides before the match.

Here is a summary of the latest Liverpool Major headlines in the run-up to the match.

Pogba claims Liverpool

Says Paul Pogba Everyone at Manchester United is aware of this About the size of Sunday’s match against Liverpool.

The Reds aim to tie the Premier League leaders in mid-season when the two teams meet on Sunday.

While Pogba stressed that every game is a big match for both clubs, this match has more significance than most – even if the outcome of the league title alone is not determined.

Pogba said: “We know the story. We know it is Liverpool. Everyone knows that.

“When you get to Manchester, you know the story of Liverpool and Manchester United. We know it’s a big game.

“We know they are in second place, and they know we are first. We know if we win we have six points (on them), and everyone knows that.

“it’s not The A game, yes it is a game and it will be a difficult game. But I don’t think this match will win the league. I know he’s going to make a difference, but he won’t decide the league.

“I know it’s an important game, but all games are. We don’t have to make it too much about” Oh it The Game’. It’s Liverpool and when it’s Liverpool it’s always a big match.

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“When you play for United, there are always big games, but this fight is going to be a battle.”

Fergie admission

Mark Clattenburg confirmed Sir Alex Ferguson’s influence on the referees when the Manchester United coach.

By dropping Jurgen Klopp’s view that United is currently getting easier penalties than other teams, Clatinburg admitted that this was the case when Ferguson was in charge.

The former referee said, “He is wrong to suggest that there is an aura around United that makes them receive favorable decisions.”

“He used to be there when Fergie (Alex Ferguson) was there, but that has gone down a lot since he left.

“I am the only referee to award three penalties to the opponent at Old Trafford, and that was for Liverpool, of all the teams, in 2014.

“But David Moyes was a manager – I’m not sure that would have happened when Fergie was there!”

Gerrard makes Robertson’s life difficult

Andy Robertson joked that Steven Gerrard is making life difficult for Liverpool’s left-back.

The Reds legend is on its way to lead the Rangers to the Scottish Premier League title, ending Celtic’s hopes of reaching 10 times in a row.

Speaking of Jimmy Carragher’s Greatest Game Podcast, Robertson admitted that it was a dissonance to be in a position where Gerrard might not want to succeed.

“Well, isn’t it – it’s in the bag,” Robertson said of the Scottish title race.

“No pressure, just wrap it up now. It’s clearly a difficult situation to get into the Liverpool training ground where everyone loves Stevie and wants him to do well. Growing up doesn’t like Rangers!”

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