Bloomberg: The next generation of MacBook Pro to deliver enhanced viewing and faster shipping via MagSafe

After today’s report from the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo Outline Big changes For the next generation of MacBook Pro models coming in the third quarter of this year, BloombergMark Gorman has it Weigh it with its own Supporting some details but they seem to differ slightly from others.

First, Gurman shares more details about Coming Back MagSafe Shipping to MacBook Pro indicates that it will indeed be a design similar to the previous “MagSafe” incarnation on Mac laptops. Gurman also says switching to “MagSafe” custom charging will allow for faster charging speeds.

Unsurprisingly, Gurman says new MacBook Pro models will continue to support USB-C, with the Two USB-C ports It’s located next to the MagSafe‌ port, and there should be two more USB-C ports on the other side of the device.

BloombergThe company’s report also provides information on the displays of upcoming MacBook Pro models, indicating that they will use “brighter panels and higher contrast.” The machines will of course come with Apple’s silicone chips that provide more processing cores and improved graphics compared to the M 1 Found in the first batch of Apple silicon Macs.

As for the design of the new MacBook Pro models, Kuo has indicated that they will get a file Iphone Redesigned 12 patterns with flat edges, but Gurman appears to downplay any changes, stating that they will look “similar” to current models but with “minor design changes.”

Gurman also says Apple has “tested” versions of the MacBook Pro without the Touch Bar, while Kuo seems more specific that the controversial feature will be removed in the final design.

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Finally, Gurman indicates that Apple is also planning a redesign of the MacBook Air, But it won’t come until “long after” updated MacBook Pro models.

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