‘Genocide has begun in the new world’

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Greg Popovich He’s back in battle with another of his usual controversies. was a team coach San Antonio Tottenham, the protagonist for his successes and innovations in basketball from the benches, he is also used to being one for his resounding criticisms and responses to the press with whom he has an odd relationship.

Veteran Gold Medal-Winning Coach Tokyo Olympics 2020 with a team United State, On this occasion against the festivities in honor of the character Christopher Columbus, historically known as the leader of the expedition that saw the discovery of America.

Popovich, who did not chop his tongue and did not completely cut himself between his pre-retirement plans, is particularly sharp in his stance when it comes to talking about politics or the history of his country and continent. That is why in this case I decided to charge those who celebrate the 12th of October.

Greg Popovich gives signals at the moment of the match


The Tottenham coach criticized this in some cities United State A festival celebrated in honor of Columbus, not Indigenous Peoples Day. Moreover, Popovich was especially strict and direct in his arguments and in his complaints, which caused quite a stir.

Popovic’s criticism

“A massacre has begun the new World. He unleashed everything that came next, annihilating every single aboriginal in Spanish, What day is today Haiti and the Dominican Republic. He made them slaves, mutilated them and killed them.”

It is not necessary to point out that Greg is totally against the character of a Renaissance navigator and that he is as such conveyed on the occasion when asked by the media what kind of festivities she still celebrates.

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In addition, Popovich went further and strongly condemned those who consider the possible Genoese origin of Christopher Columbus a cause for celebration for Italian Americans: “This is nonsense, it is like saying: ‘We should be proud’. Hitler for being German. Does not make sense. It’s a day about Columbus, not about Italian Americans.”

Comparing the strongest and the angry face, Popovich wanted to settle the issue and focus on basketball to avoid continuing to make such direct and harsh comments against people who celebrate a holiday in honor of the famous discoverer.

This was one more chapter in the career of a very famous coach who always had time between his great sporting successes to talk about politics and deal with any topic that came his way, especially if it was about transcendental issues or might reach as many people as this was the case.

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