Generation Z “cancels” the movie “American Pie” Grupo Milenio

Every generation is different and over the years tastes change.a lot Film products They age “well” and become movie classics, and on the other hand, there are those that don't age very well and are completely forgotten. Regardless of whether the first show was “very successful” at the time, Only time determines which tapes will be saved from being forgotten or “cancelled.”Tape American pie Enter the second option.

A study in the United Kingdom was conducted on adolescents who belong to Generation Z He revealed that They do not agree with the plot of the tapeAnd even They expressed their hatred for this movie. The plot of the film is simple: American Pie is about four teenagers who make a kind of “pact” where they all lose their virginity before graduation.

Generation Z failed in “American Pie.”

The study included showing a group of young people between the ages of 16 and 19 some films for teenagers from the late nineties, such as: American pie (1999), ignorant (1995) and Hey man where's my car? (2000), hereafter British journalist Rosie Hewitson He asked them about their opinion about these tapes, and All the young men who were questioned showed their dissatisfaction with this American pie.

Among the arguments for excluding the film were comments like this “Totally ridiculous and inappropriate”And men today treat women with more respect. “The film doesn't even question the morality of doing so.” Referring to the scenes in which the heroes do questionable things to date other women.

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In social networks The result was the sameMany users describe the movie as “a typical movie full of clichés and flat characters without any kind of background.”


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