A Cuban immigrant sets up a business in front of COMAR in Mexico while her asylum application is being processed

A 53-year-old Cuban immigrant created her own project before the Mexican Commission for Assistance to Refugees (COMAR). The entrepreneur started her new business in the state of Chiapas immediately after arriving in the Aztec lands on her way to the United States.

He is still awaiting the response of the immigration authorities regarding his request for political asylum. The heroine of this story, Tania Anaya, arrived in Tapachula four months ago, after her journey through Central America.

Now, the Cuban woman has a business in front of COMAR similar to the one she ran in Cuba. “He sells bread with chicken and Cuban coffee to other migrants who come to check in outside the establishment,” the Chiapas Comunica website announced. Facebook.

The media said: “Women did not stand idly by, but rather took the initiative.” He also explained that Tania is in the process of going through her process before COMAR to request refugee status in Mexico.

More than half a million Cubans arrived in the United States

Over the last two years, a total of 533,000 Cuban immigrants have arrived in the United States. This number is equivalent to 4.8% of the island’s population of 11.1 million people, and this does not include entry with other types of visas, for which official data are not available.

Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) revealed that in 2023, more than 153,000 Cubans entered US territory illegally. In addition, 67,000 others flew directly thanks to humanitarian parole, and more than 313,000 entered without papers in 2022.

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At the beginning of this month, the “Poverty Exit” caravan journey through Mexican territory, in which hundreds of Cuban migrants travel, once again passed. Seven thousand people then left with the aim of reaching the southern border of the United States.

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