From hosting the tournament to the alliance with Saudi Arabia

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Never has another story overshadowed Major like this, but as organizers bemoan the upcoming $255 million defector circuit. The PGA Championship It is disputed in TulsaAnd Oklahomawith the resentment of having so many golfers on those greens who will participate in LIV Golf Invitationalcircle supported by Kingdom Saudi Arabia And also Donald Trump. That was a small revenge for the former president of United State.

Your golf course, and Trump Bedminster at New Jersey, he should have hosted that appointment in 2022, but the organization withdrew it due to “political issues”. They should have done first of all the relationship of the former president to the attack on Capitol Building. Had they not made this decision, the millionaire would surely not ally with the Saudis with an appointment in his own field: one in the former and the latter in Trump Doral from Miami.

LIV has provided a lifeline for Donald Trump, the outcast of traditional great golf. The Arab Golf League is a project that seems unstoppable despite the threats and prohibitions placed by the traditional rings. Large economic sums seem to be able to withstand any fine. The only thing that can raise suspicion is that top golfers are banned from big tournaments like Ryder Cup.

Trump’s power

Saudi Arabia was also looking to Trump to clear the way, but the former president also needed a boost. In addition to the fact that its fields and complexes are considered among the best in the world, it has recently recorded alarming financial losses. In this way, he will get paid, re-float his business and gain a dominant position, while LIV Golf Invitational secures prime positions.

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Trump was one of the important figures in the world of golf while his business continued to grow. Now, away from politics and focusing once more on his companies, his interest has resurfaced. With the hit he got from the PGA, he was backed in Saudi Arabia. That’s why two others in the American country are included in the tournament tour thanks to Trump’s facilities in New Jersey and Florida, and Bedminster and Doral.

golf swing

Donald Trump, whose name is associated with twenty training sessions in the United States and other parts of the world, has spent 25 years trying to win a men’s major championship. At this time, there are no indications of this happening. For example, the former president has an impressive field of ScotlandThe Trump Turnberry. I was also trying to get British Openbut the agencies that decided on it do not recommend driving there.

Seth Wu He made the decision to remove Trump’s PGA Championship and was criticized by the legend Jack Nicklaus Just this week: “I love Seth Waugh. Seth didn’t need this job. He took the job because he thought it could give the American PGA a good direction. And I think it is. But this move is a de-culture. Donald “Trump might be things Many, but he loves golf and loves the country. He is a student of the game and a great character of the game. What he does in golf in the future will depend on what the cancellation culture allows him to do. . “.

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Alliance with LIV

Saving this agreement for Donald Trump is fundamental and essential, as it will allow him to restore the financial stability of his facilities that he lost several years ago. The Doral Complex was the largest source of income for all the golf facilities owned by the former politician. However, recently, it had to take out several loans worth hundreds of millions of dollars to re-float and remodel it. For this reason, you now need huge liquidity and agreements to change this situation and thus understand such a huge business.

It is estimated that the debt between the loan and other expenses derived from the business has grown to nearly $400 million. Trump thought he would get the money back quickly after upgrading his facilities, but the truth is that in the past decade income hasn’t stopped falling. Today, the only pools that are truly profitable are those that host the PGA Championship, and US Open And the Ryder Cup.

Donald Trump’s message on his social network.

At least it was until I got to LIV. Trump, on his platform social truth On Wednesday, he said that the PGA Tour and the PGA have “benefited players for many years” and that “PGA has maximum tax-exempt status, makes fortune and pays higher executive salaries. Very talented players can win a good year.” “Liv can change that!” exposes previous president.

It was the first time Trump made public comments on the new district. The former president added that with Saudi Arabia’s support for the LIV Golf League, “unlimited amounts” of money will be available to players and charities. He also criticized the PGA of America’s beer prices at this week’s tournament, which was a popular topic of conversation earlier in the week.

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