It is important to conduct a MIR for public health: €150,000 per year

The specialty of Preventive medicine and public health He is not having his best moments in Spain. It was one of the three that remained empty Some places in the normal call of MIR, although it was completed later. But what is its situation in other neighboring countries? Medical writing Spoke with Richard J. Binder, Director of Undergraduate Education in Public Health at the School of Public Health at Imperial College London, to learn first-hand where he stands, the type of work he does and the average salary in the UK. Currently, despite not having the best rating, it is one of the “numerically most competitive” majors and has a maximum salary of €152,000.

“I think, historically, Public health in the United Kingdom was not a particularly prestigious specialty. But the changing attitude towards work, which I believe makes traditional clinical medicine less attractive, has led to the situation we see today. In recent years, it has become one of the most numerically competitive specialties for graduate doctors.”

This means, he asserts, that some “mentees” are managed to reach high-level positions. “Developing and retaining inspiring people, who can communicate the differences they make to others, is a way to develop the profession,” he insists, without forgetting the need to Creating a “more stable and equitable” environment. To retain that workforce and “create a virtuous circle.”

Regarding salaries, Bender says that for certified medical professionals in the health service, in national organizations and in academia, their salaries are in line with those of others in the world. National Health ServiceThat is, between 99 thousand and 131 thousand pounds (between 115 thousand and 152 thousand euros) for full days. However, he points out that salary scales are not the same in municipal governments, where they are usually lower, and that it is very unusual to practice in the private sector, compared to your colleagues in hospitals. “People don’t come to public health for the money; It’s more about being able to have a broader impact“, it states.

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Differences between Spain and the United Kingdom

Binder explains that preventive medicine is not a widely used term in the UK and that the elements that make it up are divided between systems Primary health careOccupational medicine and public health. Recently, A Dual accreditation in primary and public healthBecause very few of these doctors work in patient care jobs. “The competition was intense this year,” he confirms.

This is not the only difference that exists in this country compared to Spain. “In the UK, we’ve had a mixed senior profession for some time: that is Not all top specialists have medical training“In fact, we are about half,” he explains, “However, all of these non-medically qualified professionals undergo the same postgraduate training and professional examinations.

“Public health work is expansive, complex and ambiguous. It is a real problem solver.”

About the daily tasks, Binder explains that apart from health protection activities – which mostly focus on pathogens and disease outbreaks – “Typical” high-level health jobs The audience says they are “quite strategic and analytical.” “We lead action programmes, committee services and/or interventions and provide expert advice to stakeholders across government and health services,” he points out.

Part of the challenges this specialty faces is the “slow nature of the work,” which translates into uncertainty about whether and to what extent programs are effective. In addition, they face “many bureaucratic obstacles and political challenges,” because, according to him, there is a tendency among politicians elected in recent years to Prioritize health services that are most visible on the front lines At the expense of public health budgets.

Despite everything, this manager “loves” his job. “It’s expansive, complex and ambiguous. It’s real problem solving that requires leadership (and patience) and every day is truly different,” he explains.

Specifically, in College of Public Health Attempts to instill a population health mindset in medical students. “As a senior clinical academic, my role very much involves leading and managing a team, whether that is participating in research or designing methodologies or curricula. Perhaps the biggest difference between working here is the global nature of our scope of work,” he sums up. The research, like the tasks, is “wildly diverse.”

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