French representatives and senators reach an agreement on a draft immigration law

French representatives and senators reached an agreement on the draft immigration law on December 19, with the support of the National Assembly, after long and difficult hours of negotiations.

First Amendment:

2 minutes

The joint committee, made up of seven senators and seven representatives, began work at 5:00pm on Monday and resumed at 10:30am after a chaotic night, mainly due to last-minute disagreements over the welfare issue. benefits . The text still needs to be voted on in both chambers.

“Parliament has reached an agreement on the immigration text. It is a good thing: measures to protect the French, basic firmness regarding foreign criminals, and justice measures such as the (historic) end to the detention of minors or the regularization of workers.” Gérald Darmanin reacted in X.

The extreme right will vote for him

The leader of the Los Republicans (from left to right), Eric Ciotti, confirmed that his party’s 62 deputies would approve it. The head of the Liberal Party told the press: “Today, the Republicans, thanks to their work and ideas, are the ones who imposed this text,” describing the text as “a real turning point.”

The head of the “National Rally” Party (extreme right) announced that the representatives of the “National Rally” Party (extreme right) will vote in favor of the draft immigration law “after its issuance by the mixed committee,” praising it as “a law that tightens immigration conditions.” .

“We can celebrate the ideological progress, and even the ideological victory of the National Rally, because this law now enshrines national primacy, that is, the advantage granted to the French over foreigners in our territory in access to a certain number of social benefits that we are currently subject to less stringent conditions for foreigners than Love”.

“Moment of shame for the government”

On the contrary, left-wing representatives expressed sharply the settlement, describing it as a “moral collapse” or “collusion with the extreme right,” considering that the draft law supports the principle of “national preference” that he has defended for a long time. By the National Front, and before that by the National Front.

The leader of the Socialist deputies, Boris Vallaud, described the agreement as a “moment of shame for the government.” The representative continued: “It is an absolute shame, and I hope that there are men and women with courage and principle in the ranks of the majority to reject this settlement,” considering that “no one was forced to surrender in this way to the Republicans and Hezbollah.” The extreme right.”

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