French nationalists confirm their favoritism in the European elections

In the poll conducted by the French Institute of Public Opinion (IFOP) and the Fiducial Foundation for the media Le Figaro, Radio Sud and LCI, the organization led by Marine Le Pen and headed by Jordan Bardella received 33% support, which represents, if he achieves this at the ballot box, about thirty percent. Member of the European Parliament, compared to the current twenty.

For its part, the research conducted by OpinionWay for CNews, Europe1 and Journal du Dimanche, received 32% of the votes, just 16 days before the elections in which nearly 50 million French people will be called to elect 81 French representatives to the European Parliament for the period 2024-2029. The European Parliament, which will have 720 seats.

According to opinion polls, the ruling Ennahdha Party and its allies, the list led by Valérie Heyer, and the Socialist Party/Public Square Bloc (Raphael Glucksmann) are still in a close struggle for second place.

The ruling party attracts 16 percent of voting intentions, while the Socialists add between 13 and 14.5.

Voters, who always rely on the results of various polls, do not seem to be affected by the criticism directed against the National Front party, to which they attribute a secret agenda in the European Parliament and an interest in weakening the administration of the European Union.

The previous day, in a debate between Bardella and French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, he accused nationalists of attacking the European Union, while his counterpart defended himself by saying that what they were seeking was a change in the rules in the 27-nation bloc. Countries.

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Attal also insisted on the formal criterion of associating the National Front with Russia, and in particular with its president, Vladimir Putin.

Behind the tripartite lists leading the race for the European elections, IFOP-Fiducial and OpinionWay place Los Republicos (conservatives) and La Francia Insumisa (left), both political forces with support of around 7.5%.

Other parties with options to win seats in the European Parliament are the Reconquista (6.5-7), from the far right, and the Environmentalists, with 5%, the minimum required to gain seats.


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