The President of Bolivia condemns internal and external subversion

“Today there are interests from outside and within to destabilize our government, but above all to use the tool of dividing our social organizations to weaken the government and weaken this entire popular movement,” the president said.

Speaking at the opening of the Third Ordinary Expansion of the Confederation of Trade Unions of Multicultural Communities of Bolivia (Cscib), Arce emphasized that the country has an executive body for social organisations.

He indicated that these organizations, with their conscience and courage, allowed him to win the October 2020 elections with more than 55 percent of the vote.

“Our government always has each of you in mind, in its heart, because without you, sisters and brothers, and we say it very clearly, we would not have reached government (…). We have to keep our organization together, we have to keep our multicultural family together he insisted.

The official reiterated that his administration is advancing in manufacturing natural resources (including lithium) as well as raw materials (farmers’ contribution) through more than 130 factories in different parts of the country.

This means that there are still more elements for industrialization, as Bolivia is rich in natural resources and the government’s goal is to position it as a country that is economically strong and generous to Bolivians.

“We are advancing in industrialization and this disturbs some outsiders and insiders, brothers. It is clear that we see huge political risks there, because the goal of destabilizing the government, but also of dividing our social organizations is not calculated, it is not measured.

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By wishing “the best successes” to the Third Ordinary Expansion of (Cscib), which brought together its members from different regions of the country, the President considered that they would reach conclusions suitable for the multicultural family as well as for the Bolivian people.

In this regard, he asked the participants to discuss without fear of debate and brainstorming, as long as these concepts have one ideology, one idea: “get out of poverty” and improve the quality of life of Bolivians.


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