Free: The Epic Games Store will offer a new version on March 1

despite of steam The Epic Games Store is still the most popular store on PC, and is gaining ground thanks to the attractive gifts it spoils users with. There's a new free game available for download, and a new game coming very soon Launch day 1.

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Last week's free video game was Super Meat Boy Forever. Now, you have until March 7 to log into the store and claim Free shipping Your copy of Aerial_Knight never gives upan endless runner game where you will have to make quick decisions to avoid all kinds of obstacles.

To happen free Your copy of Aerial_Knight never gives upAll you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Click this link To open the game page on the Epic Game Store
  • Select the “Get” button that appears on the right side of the screen
  • Your purchase information will then be displayed (in this case there will be no cost)
  • Finally, click “Make a Purchase” to complete the process and add the game to your library.

According to the description, this title lasts approx An hour and a half On normal difficulty; However, the real goal is to repeat levels multiple times to improve your score. It seems to be an experience that can provide you with many hours of entertainment if you are a perfectionist.

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The Epic Games Store will offer Astro Duel 2 in March

If you don't like the game mentioned above or already have it in your library, you'll be happy to know Epic Games He has already announced which title he will vacate in the first week of March. The good news is that this is the first launch day.

We're talking about Astro Duel 2, a multiplayer sci-fi game that combines platforming and space combat with a top-down view. It will include a versus mode for up to 6 players, a co-op adventure for three participants and several pilots to choose from.

The retro style video game was developed by Rusty mohair Will debut March 7Which means you can get it for free at Legendary Games Store Immediately after the official premiere. You will even have it March 14 To add it to your library and keep it forever.

These are the new free games available on the Epic Games Store:

Epic Games will present these interesting indie games in February and March
  • Aerial_Knight never gives up – From February 29 to March 7
  • Astro Duel 2 – From 7 to 14 March

But tell us, are you planning to get any of these games? Let us read to you in the comments.

Click here to find more information about the Epic Games Store.

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