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A few days ago, Battle Royale They held a special event with the famous DJ duo Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike. Characters inspired by both artists, Dimitri and Tifa, respectively, come to every player’s roster. It is not a minor to evaluate his performance and how it fits into team play.

Dimitri It is the first of the two types that will be made available to users. Today, August 12, 2021, Dimitri can be accessed through a reload event, and users must purchase a total of 200 diamonds to gain the character.

.’s unique ability Dimitri it’s a Heartbeat Healing. At the maximum level of the character, create a healing zone of 3.5 diameter, in which users and allies will be able to restore 3 health points per second. In addition, they would be able to bounce back to stand again after being hit.

Free fire | The best groups for Dimitri

Starting with Dimitri’s main ability, let’s see characters with passive abilities that can work as a team, whether for those who want an aggressive, defensive or balanced game. Keep in mind that Healing Heartbeat is very useful for most conversation strategies, it always maintains location and only leads to spells of attrition. It can also help those who speed through a quick recovery.

  • Dimitri + Moko (Hacker’s Eye) + Laura (Sharpshooter) + Raphael (Dead Silent)
  • Dimitri + Hayato (Bushido) + Kelly (Dash) + Paloma (handling weapons)
  • Dimitri + Antonio (gangster spirit) + Kla (Muay Thai) + Joseph (hazelnut movement)
  • Dimitri + Shiro (damage delivered) + Maru (Falcon Furvour) + Dasha (Party)
  • Dimitri + Jota (continuous raids) + D-B (percussion bullet) + Lukita (hat trek)
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